Hi, I’m Charley.


I’m a writer, editor, and story producer.


I find surprising narratives and tell them in print, online, in audio, and onstage. I also help people from rarely heard communities share their stories in their own voices. 

I often interview elders for the 70 Over 70 podcast (from Pineapple Street Studios) and write about and for kids for The New York Times Kids section (only in print). In October, I wrote about how much I learn from talking to elders and kids for The Washington Post.


I also write, edit, and produce elsewhere. If you'd like to work together, get in touch!

Selected Writing

As a writer, I often cover subcultures.


For Texas Monthly, I wrote about bachelorette parties and Austin’s gentrifying image.


I wrote about Buc-ee’s and what the gas station chain says about Texan identity for The New York Times.

For The Atlantic, I wrote about one mother's experience navigating COVID-19 and remote education.


I contribute regularly to The New York Times for Kids. In recent issues, I’ve written about teen poll workers, how a Native Alaskan teen experiences racism, and how a crush works.

I also write about podcasts—for Hot Pod, for New York Magazine, and previously as a culture writer atWIRED .

Audio Projects

Pop-Up Magazine

I've reported and edited audio in Hindenburg, ProTools and Final Cut Pro. For the 70 Over 70 podcast, I work on the non-narrated stories at the top of each episode.

I regularly produced audio at Pop-Up Magazine, including interviews with an astronaut, a stilts instructor, and more for the publication's first-ever audio-only story about walks across the world.

As a story producer at Pop-Up Magazine, I brought nonfiction stories to a live audience, touring across the U.S., from Lincoln Center to my hometown favorite, the Paramount in Oakland.


I produced stories including narratives about how Dungeons & Dragons allows death row inmates to escape solitary confinement, how a Cuban Yemayá priestess who emigrated to the U.S., and how thousands of people came together in quarantine through a penpal exchange.

I also lead produced Pop-Up Magazine's first-ever

Hispanic Heritage Month series, including stories from Radio Ambulante's Daniel Alarcón, Oscar nominee Juliana Schatz Preston, and J.P. Brammer of ¡Hola Papi!


As an editor, I specialize in as-told-to projects. I help individuals shape their own narratives and perspectives to connect with a broad audience.

At Texas Monthly, I conceptualized, developed, and reported The Women’s Voices Project. I spent months building relationships with dozens of women across the state in the wake of the #metoo movement, working with them on pieces about how gender affected their experiences in the workplace, from an oil rig to an Episcopal church to the desk of Sandra Cisneros.

Also for Texas Monthly, I reported a photoessay about the next generation of hunters, interviewing Black children about what it means to be a youth of color in the older, whiter world of Texas hunting.

Brand Work

I also find, write, edit, and produce multimedia stories for organizations like Bay Area nonprofit Year Up and NYC nonprofit Hearts of Gold, and for brands including Google, Indeed, Nike, and Quartz Creative.

For Hello Sunshine x Reese's Book Club, I produced and art-directed To Be Continued, a video series of short stories written and animated by women across the world.