Here are some more of my stories.

on podcasts
on Texans

In 2015, I wrote an oft-cited article about the need for diversity in podcasting. I wrote about why we turned to political podcasts during the 2016 election, and how they became especially important afterwards. I talked to Brian Reed about S-TownI visited the team behind Ear Hustle at San Quentin. I wrote the first criticism of Missing Richard Simmons. I wrote about the first conservative podcast network. I wrote about Homecoming and the podcast-to-TV pipeline. I've written about the rise of fiction podcasts, of the true crime genre, of live shows.

on books​

I curated as-told-to pieces from 24 Texas women for the Women's Voices Project. I interviewed inner-city teenagers about why they hunt, and wrote about what the future of hunting looks like. I talked to the female scientists who engineer NASA food. I wrote a comic about the social media adventures of writer Shea Serrano. I talked to Cecile Richards about her relationship with activism. I wrote about photographers documenting the women who invented flat-track roller derby and animals by studio portrait.  I figured out what academics mean when they describe Wes Anderson as "intra-intra-diagetic." I explained why In-N-Out makes a superior milkshake.

on tech and media

I interviewed George Saunders about turning Lincoln in the Bardo into an audiobook featuring his dad and high school geology teacher. ​I wrote about the virality of anonymous authors. I wrote about the delightfully weird app-turned-novel The Pickle Index. I talked to Shea Serrano the week before he made the NYT best-seller list. I wrote about David Mitchell's book, to be released in 2114. I wrote about why we're turning to dystopian fiction under Trump. I talked to Rebecca Solnit about how we move through cities. I wrote about the dark web's own lit mag. I've written about new books from Jeff Vandermeer, Warren Ellis, and TC Boyle.

on movies and TV

I interviewed Fred Armisen's alterego about his fake band's real album. I wrote about Groupmuse, the Uber for millennials who want orchestras in their living rooms. I talked to T. Bone Burnett about his quest to rebuild the machine that first recorded American music. I talked to Ebro Darden about the promise of Apple Music

I wrote about the only end-of-year lists that make sense in 2017. I wrote about how pop culture gets tech culture wrong. I wrote about how we use Slack for everything. I wrote about the incredibly meticulous parody,The Neu JorkerI wrote about dumpster fires. I wrote about the YouTube stars helping Indian teens talk about sex and the caste system.

on photography

I interviewed Richard Mosse about his Heat Maps. I wrote about documenting the lives of call-center workers. I talked to Peter Garritano about people who seek friendship on Craigslist. I wrote about selfies and the presidency. I interviewed photographers who documented woolly mammoth hunting, an underground town in Australia, hajwalah (street drifting in Saudi Arabia), China's theme park in rural Egypt, the buildings that connect our phone calls, and reindeer police.

on music

I wrote about how Love gets modern relationships right. I interviewed Margaret Atwood about adapting The Handmaid's Tale. I advised you about the joy of Tom Hardy in Peaky Blinders. I talked to Ennio Morricone about scoring The Hateful Eight.  I had never seen Star Wars, until I reviewed all of them for Wired.

I also made these audio documentaries for Hearts of Gold, an NYC nonprofit that helps homeless mothers get back on their feet.